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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Foreign Policy Anxiety Indicator

Foreign Policy Anxiety Indicator
Check out the graphic, above. That was, and still is, me (and a whole lot of other people). How did we all get so paranoid?

The election results are a good illustration of "power to the people". Me--I haven't stopped chortling since the early returns...but I mustn't get too complacent. It's a whole 2 more years until the next opportunity.

I'm glad to say that my family did its' part--both of my kids voted, and while the ballot is secret, I have a feeling that they turned out, believing that their votes would make a difference. It's hard for me to believe that they really did make a difference...but the proof is there for the dubious. ( was a giddy moment when Rumsfeld announced his resignation..tee hee..) Wow!! I sure hope that I'm really awake...


Christine said...

Kathleen, LOVE the graphic!

by the way, I'm gonna link to your Drop and Cover post on my next Blog Bits ... I got that mailer too, and even laughed out loud when I saw it, (I couldn't bring myself to be offended, it was so ridiculous) ... but your no-nonsense description of it is just perfect. Made me lol all over again.

Kathleen Kosobud said...

Thanks, Christine! I really am just using this to clear the clutter while I'm working on my doctorate. It's the curse of being "omni-interested". Who'd have thought that tunnel-vision would be needed for a PhD in special education??