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Monday, November 03, 2008

McCain Palin Chart of Desperation

McCain Palin Chart of Desperation
Forwarded from Blogging For Michigan - Front Page by Christine for your viewing pleasure.

Christine writes: Well I'm just sitting here in my pro-American little town, minding my own business, when I get this email from the McCain-Palin campaign.

The email asked that I download this chart and send it to at least 5 voters, but I figure we have at least DOUBLE that number reading BFM! :) Plus, there's always the possibility that Wizardkitten will put it in her Flickr set and it will end up as a tv commercial and a piece of GOP direct mail.

The chart was incomplete when I got it, so I finished it for them by adding a couple of lines at the bottom. I'm feeling extra patriotic today!

So here it is folks, pass this on to your friends. Or, just put it on your websites and caption it. It's just that ridiculous.

I think Christine's additions add "truthiness" to the graphic...


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