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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

McCain and Palin

I kept trying to decide if McCain's selection of Palin was a simple-minded attempt to lure Hilary's dejected constituents away or what... After much consideration, I decided (in my usual paranoid way of thinking) that, in fact, this was the Republican "good ol' boy" (GOBs), "business as usual" way of handling things. I considered the evidence carefully: what women (and minorities) have been put forth as W's choices for various choice positions? Well, there's Condi Rice, and there's Margaret Spellings, and there was that brief moment where W selected "that woman" as his candidate for Attorney General, but she withdrew so he got Gonzalez to be AG instead. And, of course, there's Laura Bush... Not a one of them has had the spine to disagree with the GOBs, going along with anything they're told to do, obediently as any second class citizen from two centuries ago...

Now, at first blush I thought Palin might actually serve as competition to Hillary's smarts, and her gumption to stick up for causes that no one cared to take on (after all they were all about human rights of those self-same second class citizen groups--which as far as I can tell, are still second class citizens even though we've had a few constitutional amendments, because the GW Supreme Court has been dispatching anything resembling human rights with all due vigor...), but that's all a red herring--to fool the three women who would have voted for Hillary because she wasn't black. The truth is, she's such a little fish, in an infinitesimal pond, that any of her teensy acts of rebellion are pretty much "stage dressing". I don't doubt that she'll be so busy being a "hockey mom" and so on that she will pretty much knuckle under to anything she's told to do. Oooooh, and I hear that she also has this little problem with her daughter (aged 17) being 5 months pregnant. I guess she'll be plenty busy minding the home front...

So, don't any of us think that she's an outsider, poised to effect change--she's NOBODY!! She's INVISIBLE!! She's a stand-in whose voice will be silenced, except when it is expedient to set her up with shamelessly bigoted and inhumane remarks aimed at trashing the opposition, leaving that "wise-cracking" GOB McCain to stay clean, lily-white, and as out of touch with the people as he wishes. Meanwhile, the GOBs will continue to manufacture more of that slime that they "doo-doo" so well.